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Thank you for your interest regarding Luxury Fragrance generic perfumes. We trust that the proposal outlined below will encourage you to join our network of agents who are satisfying an increasing consumer demand to purchase high-quality generic fragrances at a fraction of the price of designer fragrances.


We prepare starter tester kits in various sizes to assist our agents in selling our fragrances. The tester kit is an optional purchase. It is not compulsory for you to buy it at all. There is no registration fee to become an Luxury Fragrance agent; should you wish to buy fragrances you can do this without buying the tester kit. We do not release any orders without receiving prior payment and do not provide credit.

Our 5 ml testers are easy to slip into a handbag or computer bag, and used to promote the product. We find that people want to test the match of the fragrance to the original as well as to see how long it lasts. Our tester kits contain some of our most popular fragrances such as Armani Sí, Lady Million, 212 VIP, Angel, Tsar, Dunhill etc. The tester kit also contains fragrance bottles and brochures. Often agents feel pressured to buy many tester fragrances, however this is not recommended as we have approximately 169 fragrances in the range. Supplying tester fragrances for each requirement would then be very difficult and expensive. We recommend that You buy Top 40 Fragrances.

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